My Projects

These are a few of the areas I have needed to execute projects in during my 10 year tenure at Active Sports, Inc.

E-Commerce and Web Presence

For the first 7 years, I helped to lead Active Sports into an exciting era of growth and prosperity on the Internet.

Company Merger and Acquisition

In 3 months I managed a project to integrate and stabilize a new satellite office in Bend, Orgeon after a bankruptcy buyout.

Software Development

I have never been afraid to get my own hands dirty when necessity requires invention.

Warehouse and Order Fulfillment

Scaling from 400 to over 350,000 skus required new procedures and custom software that could only come from effective project management.

Process Management

Internal communication required a reboot as the company grew, and many internal processes needed agility tweaking to stream workflow more effectively.

Shipping and Distribution Analysis

A query morphed into a full blown application that saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Automated Communication

If a task can be replicated, it can be automated. Every second adds up when manual labor is involved.

Technology Administration

A big box vendor can sell you the products of today. I specialize in knowing where technology is going to prepare the solutions of tomorrow.