Warehouse Operations

I lead the project that completely restructured our day to day operations in data and warehouse product management. Every aspect of the project was custom designed for our specific business model and I hand designed all APIs and user interfaces. The goal was to design software that required zero training for locating and picking items from our shelves that matched exactly what the customer was seeing on the website.

Additionally, the project used state-of-the-art Apple devices and sleds used at their retail stores that cost 50% less than outdated barcode tools available at the time. Each device delivers a full multimedia experience to the staff that includes audio and visual alerts as well as vibrant photographs taken in real time from the e-commerce platform.

Implementation allows for product identification, product location, assignment and reassignment in batch, order manifest accuracy, user activity logging, shelf restock request from backstock, inventory adjustment requests, UPC and EAN capture, and much more. All features require minimum interaction with the software to maximize user efficiency and accuracy.

The company is now capable of scaling well past the current 350,000 SKU count that currently exists and fulfilling over 5,000 orders per day from three warehouses.