Process Management

The industry Active Sports, Inc. finds itself in has many examples of companies that do things outside the norm. The area this is most predominantly seen is in the purchasing process.

The company brought in an outside consultant to develop a software solution to help expedite the PO process by building a custom software package using Ruby on Rails. After almost three years and an unworkable product due to scope creep, the project was canceled, despite a concise envisioning phase.

As the team found themselves continuously burdened with no relief in site (even adding more people wouldn't help), I used the knowledge gained from the failed project to introduce new communication methods and processes that could help to bleed off the pressure. I designed and developed a simpler set of tools that each solved a specific problem, resulting in a collection that largely satisfied the original scope intentions.

Of all the various projects handled over the years at Active Sports, Inc., I find that I am most proud of the successes of the Purchase Order team. Teamwork played a critical role in shaping solutions to problems that could have resulted in catastrophes across our entire business.

No other collaboration in the company up to that time did a better job of showcasing the talents and abilities of an empowered employee, and I felt fortunate to play a role in making that happen.