E-Commerce and Web Presence

I started at Active Sports, Inc. a few months after the decision had been made to migrate from Yahoo! stores to a custom platform developed by a small company in Vermont.

Almost immediately after launch, Active Sports, Inc. went from having only six web pages available through organic search to thousands of product and category listings ranking at the top of every major search engine.

During the next several years of 30%+ annual growth in revenue and web traffic, I helped lead the business into a new and exciting era. I advised on business direction, technological implementations, managed projects, developed new retail channel opportunities, and assessed the risks and rewards of our e-commerce road map. This also included getting the company and its offerings fully PCI compliant to protect cardholders and their sensitive data.

Despite many challenges, partnerships were formed with third party vendors to augment the needs of the infrastructure while maintaining a very low overhead on expenses. It wasn't until 7 years later that someone was brought in to oversee the web division specifically, which then allowed me to shift focus to internal company logistics.