Pittsburgh, PA ➡ Madison, WI ➡ St. Paul, MN

I am the Technology and Operations Director for an action sports e-commerce company called The-House.com in St. Paul, Minnesota.

My love for all things technology definitely bleeds over into my free time and hobbies. Here are just a few of the topics that capture my wonder:


I love what I do. This usually results in being able to find me always willing to talk about the latest and greatest gadget that I’ve probably already purchased and tinkered with.

Recently the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi have caught my attention. These credit-card sized, affordable machines are going to be the backbone of the Internet of Things.


I have spent a lot of free time recently learning how to program in Go.


I caught the bug working at The House and it’s one of the only things that can get me out during cold weather.


I am an avid photographer and love shooting sports and wildlife.


I’m love games, TV, books, and movies that ask big questions. We live in an exciting time where the way we tell stories is changing, and the content available is absolutely top notch.

About This Site

I wanted a site that was fast, clean, and mobile-first without it feeling too spartan on a large resolution screen. Accomplishing this was more of a chore than I expected, but it came with a few neat surprises.

There is no JavaScript or framework powering this website. The design, animations, transparencies, responsiveness, etc. are all handled using pure HTML and CSS. We’ve come a long way from dancing hamster GIFs.

The content of the site is published using a static-site generator called Jekyll on Github Pages. Instead of a dynamic site powered by Wordpress, I do my thing and my local machine generates old-fashioned HTML that works on any browser. Yes, I even test in Lynx!