Why I Only Buy NUCs

Posted on February 6th, 2015

Ars Technica has a great review on the forthcoming Intel 'Next Unit of Computing' (NUC for short) that is powered by the Intel Broadwell chip. Any time a new NUC is announced, I get excited.

NUCs are fantastic because you can put them together in minutes, image them, and slap them on the back of a monitor for an All-in-One option that performs stupendously and is still serviceable. This makes them the perfect workstation for our IT department because they introduce an agility to deployment that wasn't mainstream until the NUC became a thing.

HP, Dell, and the rest have been making small form factor (SFF) computers for years, but you either ended up in a proprietary nightmare (power supplies, the Sony DC adapters of the tech world) or a machine that was underpowered for what you got.

Intel NUCs require zero consideration for space when it comes to storage or deployment. Your users don't get to complain about all the extra space their computer takes up on their desk. Moving them around is as easy as picking up the monitor and going. Regarding their computational power, they have rocketed past the point of being 'good enough' for most users and into the realm of being a solution to consider for all of your users.

NUCs also solve a very key problem that the All-in-One movement basically ignored: NUCs have multiple monitor support! Even in a call center environment, end users benefit from dual monitors which may attribute to the lack of success in the enterprise market.

The NUCs are a great value for what they bring to the table. I can't recommend them enough.